How to Discipline a Child
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How to Discipline your Child

Disciplining a child is hard. Yes it is! So you have to make strategies so it will not turn out as they will become more hard headed and you will already be end up scolding or spanking them. Here are some ways on how we can discipline our child and they will feel that we still love them.

Discipline Tip # 1: Reward Good Behavior

When your child does good things, reward them. It does not mean rewarding them always with material things hence you can do praise them if they did such like “There’s saying ‘good job. I’m really glad you did that’. In this way, he or she will remember that every time they do a good deed then they will be praised for it. If they did get high grades in school, they can get something that they like. Something to motivate them to do good because they know in the end they will benefit from it.

How to Discipline a Child: Reward

Discipline Tip # 2: Be Clear About Rules

As a parent, you have to be clear with your rules. You have to let them know what you like and most importantly you have to be consistent. Explain to them the rules so they will know what to expect. Explain clearly in a good tone of voice so it will not sound harsh to them.

Discipline Tip # 3: Neutralize Arguments

You do not need to win an argument as this is not a game. Your child needs to understand the situation and you have to explain things by not shouting. They will more likely not listen to you.

Neutralize Arguments

Discipline Tip # 4: Buy Yourself Time

You have to buy yourself time in order for you to make the right decision in giving consequences to your child’s actions. Yes they need to experience consequences for such but it takes time. You have to be calm as well so the consequences that you will give will be at par with the bad behavior they did.

Discipline Tip # 5: Be Consistent About Rules

This may be hard but you have to be consistent all the time. Keep in mind that kids benefit from limits. Rules and structure give children the security of knowing their parents are watching out for them. As kids get older, you can take a more flexible approach. 

Discipline Tip # 6: Model Good Behavior

Children imitate their parents. So might as well be a good model to them. Because whether or not they are watching you. “The number one way human beings learn is through imitation and copy”. If you want your child to be honest, make sure you practice honesty. If you want your child to be polite, let her see your best manners, at home and in public.

Model Good Behavior