How to Prepare Your Child for School
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Your baby is now ready for school! But how are you going to make them ready? How are you going to make them say that “Yes, I am ready for school!” Here are some practical tips that might help you in preparing your child for the first time in school. This will be a new change in your child’s life and you as parents also are quite anxious if your child can make it and will not throw tantrums in school. Excitement and mixed emotions are the things you are going to fell, well that is all normal. In totality, you will see your child will start to grow emotionally, you will see them learn, interact with other children and build their character into something that you wish them to become when they grow up. Here are some tips that might be of help in helping your child be ready for the big world outside your homes.

Preparing your child for school

1. Visit the School Together

– show him the school. Give him or her a tour. Make them feel that this will be their second home and this is going to be the place where they can meet new friends and play and learn. Show them literally the school, the canteen, the library, the classroom and even the toilets. Let them feel the school. From here, you will see if they will love the place or not.

2. Meet the Teacher

– let them meet their future teacher if possible. Here you are setting their expectations to whom they are going to be left in school for a number of hours per day. Encourage them to share a few things about them so the teacher and the child will have this feeling of comfortability with each other so coming the first day of school, the tantrums will go away if not totally well it will lessen.

Meet Your Teacher

3. Home Visit

– there are a lot of new schools now that offer home visits so the teacher will also see the comfort zones of their students. It will become easier for them to get to know the students and to deal well with them.

4. Read Books

start reading them books that is used in school. Et them feel it. Remove the tension hence replace it with excitement. Most fears are related to not knowing what is going to happen and where things are, and these can be talked though thoroughly to the best of your knowledge.

Read Books

5. Involve Them

– after taking them to the school, make them involve by bringing them when you are buying books, school uniform and other school related things. In this way, they will become more excited in using the things you bought.